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HD Ultrasound

1201 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 301
Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: 510-865-9670

Fax: 510-865-9680

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About Us

Since 1999, Health Diagnostics (HD) has provided high quality non-invasive vascular lab services throughout Northern California. Our niche in developing and managing dedicated vascular labs was born with a strong demand for improved high quality technologist exams and professional services. Ultrasound is among the most subjective of diagnostic imaging modalities. Many general and vascular surgeons rely upon specific, often esoteric, ultrasound services to effectively diagnose and monitor patients. Pedigree of technologist and interpreting physician is most impactful on diagnostic outcomes. Our core group of dedicated technologists and interpreting physicians lends itself to consistent and reproducible results that allows for effective diagnosis and long term monitoring of patients. For ten years running, our clinical staff has thrived with our mission of delivering premium quality work, one patient at a time. Many of our Registered Vascular Technologists (RVTs) hold a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Vascular Technology. We continue to hold a close affiliation with one of the top health sciences colleges in the United States. Through a clinical externship program, our seasoned RVTs mentor a student for their entire senior year.